Day 1: Codewords

Codewords, or kaidoku, are crosswords where each word is a common dictionary word, but the letters A-Z are replaced by the numbers 1-26 in some order, so you have to figure out which numbers stand for which letters. Once you find the key to this puzzle, see if you can use it to find the five-letter answer.

Thanks to Jeff Davidson for his jpz converters and Alex Boisvert for his Crossword Nexus solver, both of which helped out the embed below.

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16-4-25-16-10-16-15-4-16-10-13-1 (2019)
15-25-4-21-25-10-4-1-13 (2018)
6-16-18-21-2-4-24-14-25-17-6 (2020)
3-25-13-26-23-13-25 (2020)
13-2-22-25-10-25-26-17-25-3-1 (2018)